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NBC Is Bringing Back The Office, But Will It Be Good Without Michael Scott?

The last thing we need is another Robert California.

Someone Binge-Watched 'The Office' So Fast That Netflix Emailed Them To See If They Were Okay

Netflix is always watching you. Sometimes, that's a good thing.

The Psychic Who Predicted Trump's Presidency Revealed A Grim Future For 2018

But I mean, did anyone think 2018 would be butterflies and lollipops?

Here Are Some Of The Most Addictive Substances On The Planet

Have just a taste if you want to be addicted for life.

People Are Noticing Something Eerily Familiar About This Photo Of William Taking George To His 1st Day Of School

Talk about deja vu!

This Dog Was Fired From The Police Academy Because He Wants To Be Friends With Everyone

Don't worry, he has an even better job now.

This Wendy's Is At War With The Store Across The Street And It's Too Funny Not To Laugh

Don't let the cute freckles and red hair fool you. Wendy can be a mean, vicious gal when provoked.

Editorial: Did Ted Cruz Just Climb Out of Anyone Else's TV?

If this just happened to you, please comment so I can know if I should be freaking out, or if it's like "whatever".

Wow! These Kids Learned to Read by Reading to This Tire Fire

"Kids need to learn how to read, and someone's got to read to our city's giant tire fire, so we put two and two together."

Garbor, The Long Island Garbage Monster Projected to Win GOP Nomination

Would you vote for a Long Island Garbage Monster over the other GOP candidates?

These Kittens Are Muslim. Do You Still Want to Kick Them Out?

These adorably precious cats happen to practice Islam. Does that complicate your xenophobic beliefs?

Whoa! Undiscovered Banksy Artwork!

Is this even art?

Taco Bell's Exciting New Menu Items

Really, the most authentic Mexican food around.

Surprise Surprise: Harvard Research Study Shows Sarcasm is Good for Your Health

We could have told you that.

Model Employee: British News Reporter Has Off Script Freak Out Live On The Air

Finally some real news.