Editorial: Did Ted Cruz Just Climb Out of Anyone Else's TV?


Have you ever experienced that moment when perspective GOP presidential nominee Ted Cruz just climbs out of your television and into your living room? This happened to me a few minutes ago, and I'm trying to figure out if this is a "me" thing or an "everybody" thing.

Is U.S. Senator Ted Cruz in your living room right now, naked, pale and twitching? Are his fish eyes darting around the room, looking for any sign of movement? I guess I just want to know if I should be freaking out, or if it's, like, whatever.

I went on Twitter, and nobody else is tweeting about Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz standing in their living room, covered in what I can only imagine is water, breathing a low, guttural moan. Maybe I'm not searching for the right hashtag. I already tried #TVTed and #LivingRoomCruz, but nothing came up.

If Ted Cruz just crawled out of your television and is in your living room, please comment so I can know if this is cool or weird. #TVTed

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