I Know This Sounds Crazy, But I Made a 'Butter' Out of Peanuts, and It's Pretty Good


Attention, foodies! I've discovered something that just might blow your mind. I've figured how to take peanuts "” generally considered a solid food "” and turn them into a semi-liquid paste that I'm calling "butter."

Butter made from peanuts? Talk about a life hack!

I know what you're thinking: How the heck did I come up with this nutty idea? Like most thoughts I've had, it began with a thought. Peanuts taste yummy on their own, but, I pondered, how can I spread them out? My wife "” bless her heart "” suggested chucking a bunch of nuts onto a surface so they are literally spread out, but that wasn't scratching the itch in my noggin. What was I to do?

I can't tell you why I thought to toss my legumes into a food processor, but I'm glad I did. My wife "” bless her sweet heart "” thought I was destroying perfectly good food, but I had a gut feeling I was on to something. It took a few minutes, but, eventually, those peanuts turned into a thick, goopy substance that still retained the peanuts' taste. 

And guess what. It spread easier than a bald eagle's wings!

So where do you put this peanut paste? Admittedly, I'm still in the experimental phase, but I've found bread works quite well as a base. I've also had success with apple slices. My wife "” bless hEr generous, charitable, loving heart "” insists that chocolate will go well with it. Basically, if you can dream it, you can spread this "peanut butter" on it! 

Now all I need is a name. Hmm... What about "thick nut juice?" Yeah, that works! 

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